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        Fujian Fukang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in the capital city of Fujian Province, Fuzhou, which is situated in the east coast of China. Fukang was first established in 1958, and in 1992, the company changed its name into Fuzhou Antibiotics Factory. In 1996, the company became into a group corporation. In 2002, the company was transferred into a company limited by shares. Over 60 years, Fukang has been continuously forging ahead to improve competitiveness. Currently, Fukang possesses diverse competitive products, including 7ACA intermediates, sterile Cephalosporin, antibiotic APIs, preparations and animal feed. Since 2000s, Fukang has been insisting on sustainable development and building the modernized plant in Jiangyin Industrial Estate, Fuqing.
        Fukang has been committing to establishing and continuously improving quality management system. Pharmaceutical production is operated meeting the requirements of current Good Manufacturing Practice. Fukang focuses on consistent improvement in technology, quality of products, qualifications of employees and quality management system. The antibiotic APIs and Cephalosporin preparations of Fukang have been certified against Chinese GMP version 2010. The main products have been granted with Certificates of Suitability by EDQM, and successfully passed GMP inspections of U.S.A. FDA, German Health Authorities and Japan PMDA. Fukang has won a good reputation in the international market. As one of the largest pharmacy enterprises in China, Fukang has established a sales network, been working with high-end clients and had long-term technical and business cooperation with over 100 pharmaceutical companies in over 35 countries and regions.
        Fukang is a market-oriented company. It puts large investment on R&D projects, establishing new drug technology platform, combining production with research, acquiring critical technologies, consolidating the leading advantage, improving competitiveness of downstream products and developing new products for improvement of human health, symptoms alleviation and medication. Fukang adhere to environmental protection, health and safety with strict requirements and promoting harmonious development of Ecology, Economy and Society.
        Fukang cares for its employees and has attracted many talents. It creates an environment of unity, cooperation and fair competition. Fukang provides employees who endeavors with returns and rewards and commits to establish management and technical team with high education background, good qualifications and high efficiency.
        To assure a better future of human health, Fukang devotes to best products, best services and a better future with global partners.