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        Fujian Fukang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (Fukang) is located in Fuzhou-capital of Fujian province, founded in 1958, renamed Fuzhou Antibiotic General Factory in 1992 and became a wholly state-owned enterprise in 1996. In 2002 it was reformed into a corporation with a variety of shareholders. Over more than 40 years Fukang is steadily growing. Starting from a single product, its current product range includes 7ACA intermediate, sterile cephalosporin API, antibiotic API, preparation and Animal Feed. As one of the top 100 pharmaceutical enterprises in China in terms of sales volume and profit, Fukang has successfully established and maintained a long-term and sound business relationship with more than 100 companies over the world. Following the sustained development strategy, Fukang invested in a new plant with 285,000 m2 in Jiangyin chemical industry zone, Fuzhou in 2003.

        Fukang’s core management is always focusing on product quality that is perfectly secured by a sufficient quality assurance and control system, upgraded equipment and process, the competent staff. As a result, most of Fukang’s antibiotic API have been approved by USA FDA or have obtained COS certificate from EDQM, besides Chinese GMP approval. Fukang emphasizes on R & D and actively cooperates with famous foreign and domestic institutions in feasible framework in order to keep production process updated and launch new products.

        Fukang pursues a conception of environmental protection, and exerts its efforts on the harmonious development of the economy, environment and human. In this aspect, Fukang is honored enough to be awarded “Good Performance on Environment Protection” by Chinese State Environment Protection Administration. At the same time, Fukang has obtained the Certificate of ISO14001.

        Furthermore, Fukang always endeavors to make an excellent return for its employees. To improve their working environment, Fukang has managed to obtain the Certificate of OHSAS18001. To reward their contribution to the company, Fukang always recognizes its qualified employees. " To be the best ", Fukang is making every effort to manufacture the best product and offer the best service for its esteemed customers and doing everything to help its partners to be the best.