I am Laila.

Business Developer

01. Introduction

Hi! I'm Laila. I am a highly driven and passionate individual who loves, art, photography and digital marketing. I have valuable experiences in luxury retail & market analysis. I occupied as well several leadership positions in international student associations that drove my interest in Business Development studies.

I’m currently looking for a position in Digital Marketing, Communication and Sales.

This Girl

Forward thinker.

This Girl

Idea maker, creative doer.

This Girl

Supportive and team-worker.

02. What I Can Do

Concepting 001.
Creative Direction 002.
Art Direction 003.
Project Management 004.
Brand Identiy 005.
Consulting 006.

03. My previous Companies

She demonstrated to have a balanced cognitive process: very analytical in analyzing data, creative, shrewd in problem solving and engaging in execution. Laila proved to be talented with a high potential.

Danilo Mura - Mura

Elle a tout au long de son stage exercé ses fonctions avec implication et précision et était très appréciée par ses collègues et sa direction pour ses qualités humaines.

Vinciane Constans - BNP Paribas

04. Get in Touch

I love to make new contacts with new people. Feel free and drop me an email: [email protected]

Thank you for coming. Hope you had a little nice time here :)

Have a good day!